Our partnership invests strategically in disruptive health technology.

DHTI project teams are advancing diverse solutions with the potential to enhance well-ness, ensure patient safety, prevent infection and disease and improve the diagnosis, management and curing of illnesses. Multi-disciplinary science and engineering exper-tise from across Carnegie Mellon University is being focused on these challenges. Over the course of three funding cycles, 140 proposals have been received for consideration from the College of Engineering (49), Computer Science (57), Mellon College of Science (20) and Dietrich College of Humanities & Social Sciences and H. John Heinz III College (14). Funded projects incorporate a wide range of disciplines, including expertise in computer science, environment and public policy, social and decision sciences, robotics, psychology, chemistry, chemical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, lan-guage technologies, computational biology and biomedical engineering.

Research Funding. This investment advances the educational and research objectives of CMU in a manner consistent with campus innovation priorities, and furthers the mission of Highmark Health to provide access to affordable quality healthcare in the community that it serves. Funding supports the research and technology development of senior Principal Investigators from CMU in collaboration with clinicians from the Allegheny Health Network to develop and deploy science and engineering based healthcare solutions.

A Joint Review Committee (JRC)—made up of a representatives from CMU, Highmark Healthand the Allegheny Health Network—reviews proposals and determines funding, identifying projects that will stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration between CMU faculty and clinicians that can rapidly deliver innovative solutions to the field. Throughout the project, DHTI staff works with CMU Principal Investigators (PIs) and clinical and payer collaborators, and the JRC has the authority to continue, pause or discontinue funding based on progress and adherence to deliverables and milestones. Results are shared by the PIs quarterly and in-person to the JRC in an annual meeting. DHTI regularly reviews projects with CMU Technology Transfer, Office of Sponsored Projects and Office of Research Integrity and Compliance, as well as with the AHN Research and Innovation group.

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